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coco championship introduction

Coco Championship is Vietnam's biggest entertainment martial arts tournament, the cooperation between Johnny Tri Nguyen in the role of martial arts director and Hospitality and Enterterment Hub  Cocobay Danang. Not only is Coco Championship a martial arts show but also aspires to become a symbol of martial art spirit, healthy lifestyle and introduces Vietnamese martial art worldwide. Coco Championship is the champion league that gathers many warriors from different martial arts backgrounds, using a uniform set of rules and regulations to maximize the protection for its candidates. All the fighters had been through severe casting rounds and trainings to meet strict requirements before each match. This year, the first season of Coco Championship 2017 will take place continuously and severely during 3 months from July to September. As expected, there are 8 shows/month, including 4 to 5 matches, each lasts 90 minutes with 10 candidates. There will be only one excellent and intrepid champion for each weight class.