July 25, 2017

Being chosen as the director for an entertainment martial arts tournament, the famous actor Johnny Tri Nguyen express his 

The first season of Coco Championship 2017 will take place continuously and severely during 3 months from July to September this summer in Danang.


As expected, there are 8 shows/month, including 4 to 5 matches, each lasts 90 minutes with 10 candidates. Coco Championship is the champion league that gathers many warriors from different martial arts backgrounds, using a uniform set of rules and regulations to maximize the protection for its candidates. There will be only one excellent and intrepid champion for each weight class.

Taking on the role of a martial arts director for Coco Championship, Johnny Tri Nguyen said that this tournament is the striking demonstration for martial spirit and seasoned, which spreading healthy and positive lifestyle.


From his point of view, martial arts are practiced as fitness training method, self defense and protect other people. Therefore, martial arts follower always have to cultivate their humility and kindness. Those are what martial spirit all about, also the first and basic lesson for each martial art learner to engraved in their hearts once they’ve decided to be in this path.

Johnny Tri Nguyen also expresses his expectation for the show. He once shared that he wishes he could contribute to revive the golden era of Vietnamese martial arts through Coco Championship. The peak of martial arts in this country has been worn out as time passed, Vietnamese martial arts deserve more due to its thousands years of history. He hopes the world know more about Vietnamese martial arts.

news-3.jpgNot only a famous actor, Johnny Tri Nguyen but also is a good fighter

Contact for more information:

Address: Tổ hợp Du lịch & Giải trí Cocobay, Đường Trường Sa, P. Hòa Hải, Q. Ngũ Hành Sơn, Tp. Đà Nẵng.


Hotline: 0948 696 841


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July 29,2017