May 31, 2017

On Wednesday night, May 31st 2017, , the Vietnam’s biggest entertainment martial arts tournament – Coco Championship has been launched officially at the Southeast Asia's leading Hospitality and Enterterment Hub – Cocobay Danang. Not only is Coco Championship a martial arts show but also aspires to become a symbol of martial art spirit, healthy lifestyle and introduces Vietnamese martial art worldwide. This event once again reaffirming the determination of Empire group in making Cocobay become “The World’s Top Entertainment Destination”.

Coco Championship is the champion league that gathers many warriors from different martial arts backgrounds, using a uniform set of rules and regulations to maximize the protection for its candidates. There will be only one excellent and intrepid champion for each weight class. All the fighters had been through severe casting rounds and trainings to meet strict requirements before each match.


The first season of Coco Championship 2017 will take place continuously and severely during 3 months from July to September this summer. As expected, there are 8 shows/month, including 4 to 5 matches, each lasts 90 minutes with 10 candidates. There will be only one excellent and intrepid champion for each weight class.

Johnny Tri Nguyen, whose name has already been familiar to Vietnamese cinema lovers. This Vietnamese American good-looking guy is both a popular actor and a capable martial arts director. Inheriting the traditional martial arts from his family, along with talent and rigorous training, Johnny Tri Nguyen has incrementally built his own reputation within local film industry. Being recognized as a successful actor in action movies, he also has its own school of martial arts and now by taking on the role of director for Coco Championship, Johnny Tri Nguyen is expected to be the special "magnet" for this show.

Through many years of experiences, Johnny and his team will bring the audiences to an one of a kind martial arts show with the utmost excitement and elatedness. Sharing about the key message of the tournament “Fighter in You”, Ms Coco Tran – Deputy Director of Empire group revealed: “What we want to covey is: Live and let live with your whole heart and mind like a true fighter. For deep down inside each one of us, there is a warrior’s spirit, which is not only exist in fighters but also in anyone from any backgrounds could have the opportunity to shine and fight at their best. As well as Empire Group, we are burning the candle at both ends to bring the Cocobay Super Complex into operation, to make our dreams come true by taking actions towards it in the spirit of a warrior.”

"Coco Championship is the striking demonstration of martial spirit and seasoned, spreading healthy and positive lifestyle. Martial arts are practiced as fitness training method, self defense and protect other people. Therefore, martial arts follower always have to cultivate their humility and kindness. Those are what martial spirit all about, also the first and basic lesson for each martial art learner to engraved in their hearts once they’ve decided to be in this path. That element will be manifested throughout the show. " said Jonny Tri Nguyen.

Besides, the production team does not hide the ambition that the show could contribute to popularize Vietnam’s traditional martial arts worldwide and to be comparable with Japan, China, Korea,…  In a new position – as Coco Championship’s director, Johnny Tri Nguyen also expresses his expectation for the show. He once shared: “I wish I could contribute to revive the golden era of Vietnamese martial arts through Coco Championship. The peak of martial arts in our country has been worn out as time passed, it only lives in the memory of my grandfather. Vietnamese martial arts deserve more due to its thousands years of history. I hope that Coco Championship would become the bridge to deliver the truest of martial art to real life.”

Vice Managing Director of Empire group –  Ms Coco Tran said: “Coco Championship is the champion league where gathers many warriors from different martial arts backgrounds, creating an exchange platform not only within the country but also attracts international prominent fighters. Shortly after the launching ceremony, Cocobay team will work with Johnny Tri Nguyen’s assosiates to hold scrutinised casting rounds for talented fighters across the country for the first season of this tournament.”

Along with other illustrious entertainment events as Annual International Music event Cocofest coverging world’s top music artists and bands, Coco Championship will be the hallmark proving Cocobay's pioneering mission of being a Southeast Asia's leading Hospitality and Enterterment Hub, the destination of top amusement and one of a kind travel and accomodation experiences in the world. This event also marks the participation of famous celebrities into dynamic and enthusiastic team of Empire group.


Participate in the fighter casting round of Coco Championship season 1.

Become one of the first fighters joining in Coco Championship season 1 followed by the schedule as below:

9AM June 10th – Ho Chi Minh

2PM June 11th – Can Tho

9AM June 17th – Ha Noi

2PM June 18th – Quang Ninh

9AM June 24th – Binh Dinh

2PM June 25th – Cocobay Da Nang

Contact information:

Address: Tổ hợp Du lịch & Giải trí Cocobay, Đường Trường Sa, P. Hòa Hải, Q. Ngũ Hành Sơn, Tp. Đà Nẵng.


Hotline: 0948 696 841


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July 29,2017